Dolores Acevedo-Garcia joins NASEM's Resilient Recovery Strategic Response Initiative

Published: 10.28.2020 Updated: 12.09.2022
The NASEM Response and Resilient Recovery Strategic Science Initiative (R3SSI) is an eight member committee composed of academic, business and national security leaders that will inform decision-making critical to planning for crisis response and recovery across U.S. society. This is only the second time the NASEM has convened such an Initiative (the first was in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010). The committee's task is to "identify major categories of concerns and opportunities for improvement related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its collateral effects and will prioritize among them. The first Strategy Group announced will analyze COVID-19 impacts on rental property evictions within low- and middle-income communities and disadvantaged groups in the near and mid-term. Additional strategy groups will be announced as they are established. “I am honored to join some of the nation’s leading experts in this effort to ‘see around corners’ of the COVID-19 response,” says Acevedo-Garcia. “We have a huge responsibility of thinking through the impacts of COVID-19 not only on health, but also on the economy, society, education and infrastructure. Some effects are not obvious, and it is sobering to consider the ramifications of the public health and economic crisis in all areas of our society.”

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Nomi Sofer
Nomi Sofer
Strategic Communications Advisor